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Last update: May 2021

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MARON Pierre-Alain

MARON Pierre-Alain
Department : BIOmE
Email :
Phone number :

Curriculum Vitae

Since 2008:       Vice Scientific director of the GenoSol Plateform, INRA/AgroSup Dijon/University of Burgundy UMR 1347, Dijon

Since 2005:     Researcher at the Laboratoiry of Agroecology INRA/AgroSup Dijon/University of Burgundy UMR 1347, Dijon

2003-2005:      Postdoctoral researcher. Laboratoire de Microbiologie du Sol et de l'Environnement INRA/CMSE UMR 1229, Dijon

2000-2003:      PhD student. Laboratoire d’Ecologie Microbienne, UMR-CNRS 5557, Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1

Research Activity

Numerous human activities essential to the well-being of modern society have adverse effects on environmental quality. These activities (industrialization, urbanization, intensive agriculture,…) have a severe impact on soil biodiversity and the functional significance of these losses/modifications of biodiversity, in terms of the capacity of ecosystems to maintain the functions and services on which humanity depends, is now of pivotal importance. It is in this general context that the researches I conduct at the Laboratory of Agroecology are inscribed since I was recruited in 2005. My general objective is to better understand the role of the diversity of soil microbial communities in the biogeochemical carbon cycle. The choice of this particular cycle was justified by its major implication in ecosystem functions and services on which humanity depends such as soil fertility, environment quality and global changes. My research is structured around three main questions:

- What is the dynamics of microbial diversity (genetic and functional) during the decomposition of organic matter in soil? What are the evolution and stability (resilience) of the soil microbial component after addition of organic matter into the soil?

- What are the interactions between edaphic (agricultural practices, type of soil), biochemical (nature of organic matter) and microbiological factors (composition, density and diversity of microbial communities) during the decomposition of organic matter in soil? Is it possible to exploit these interactions to orientate the fate of organic matter in soil?

- What is the link between the diversity of the soil microbial communities and the turnover of organic matters in soil?

Projects in coordination

-    Projet ANR-SYSTERRA « Lien entre la diversité microbienne et le turn-over des matières organiques dans les sols agricoles (DIMIMOS) » (2009-2013),

-    Projet innovant INRA (département EA) (2007-2009),

-    Projet « Bioindicateur fonctionnel de la qualité des sols » ADEME 2005-2007

…Also strongly involved in SOFIA (ANR Agrobiosphère 2012-21016), MOSAIC (ANR Agrobiosphère 2013-21017), and in the European project EcoFinders.


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